The strength of each member is the team.


One of our core strengths is Merchandising by a committed and dedicated team

♦ Proactive.
♦ Committed and dedicated to work
♦ Strong in communication and follow up.
♦ Maintain and track order status through OPS (Order Progress Schedule).
♦ Risk analysis at sample stage to minimize technical problem.
♦ Ensure timely submissions to maintain delivery in the given lead-time.
♦ Equipped with technical know how for troubleshooting.
♦ Constantly involved with the QA and QC team to ensure correct sample submission and bulk production.
♦ Regularly update the buyer on the sample / production status.
♦ Review each and every submission to ensure that the buyer’s requirements are understood and fulfilled.
♦ Keep track of orders from placement till delivery.
♦ We share business, process and technology with our Buyer.
♦ We work as your Eyes and ears.


♦ Have in depth knowledge of pattern making and fitting.
♦ Conduct mandatory checking of each and every sample before submission to ensure all requirement are fulfilled.
♦ Conduct Dummy check of each article to ensure best fitting.
♦ Evaluate pre-cutting approval sample of each order. Production can commence only after pre-cutting sample and trim card approval!!.
♦ Keep records and track of all orders and sample comments to pass on to production QCs.


We have a well qualified QA and QC team to ensure superior quality and workmanship of the products manufactured under our supervision. The QC teams are involved in various activities at various stages of supply Chain.

♦ Well qualified Team of QCs is involved in each and every stage of production at all production sites round the clock right after the pre-cutting approval is given.
♦ The QCs deployed at factories constantly monitor production and conduct Size set/Inline/Midline/Pre–Final/Final Inspections.
♦ QC are deployed at print factories to ensure print quality, positioning and wash Durability.
♦ All inspection reports are reviewed and signed by the DO.
♦ Final inspection can only be offered if the result of Pre-Final inspection conducted by us is satisfactory.


is dedicated to serve it’s customer first and simultaneously endeavors to work positively for all it’s stakeholders, namely: shareholders, suppliers, makers, employees, partners etc. will be proactively act on following:



Considering huge competition from different production and Agency units, works more closely with its partner factories for operational trouble shooting and long-term strategies.

♦ Pro-activeness.
♦ Technical know how. Operated by knowledge workers.
♦ Sourcing of materials with price aggression and right quality.
♦ Contracting right partners for long-term relationship.
♦ Continuous improvement of working system and human resource through QC circle and training.
♦ Employ and retain honest and dedicated staff.
♦ Representative office of European buyers.
♦ Representative office of European buyers.
♦ Continuously contact and develop new customer as well as widen its supplier base.


Compliance Issues to be categorized as ZTV

♦ Child labor
♦ Forced labor in any form overt or covert & Modern Day Slavery
♦ Discrimination in any form
♦ Harassment and Abuse
♦ Unauthorized subcontracting including Tier 2 operations regardless of brands
♦ Failure to provide access to records or workers’ interview or any mode of denial that will hamper the social compliance audit process
♦ Shared building unless approved by Head of Compliance (any other factory owned by different owner located in the same building) or factory located in building which has shops/markets
♦ Factory building approved for residential purposes
♦ Any unethical practice, such as bribery in the form of cash or kind to facilitate any process.

Marchandising Contact

Mousumi Akhter
Team Leader
Cell: 01713 468227

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